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Scott Thode, MA, PLPC

Under Supervision of 

Dr. Joy Whitman, PhD

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Kansas City Psychotherapy offers Counselor Supervision, Individual Counseling, Psychiatric, and Psychological Services, as well as Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy, Adolescent Therapy and Online Video Counseling in the Kansas City area.  We are conveniently located near Leawood, Prairie Village, Waldo, and Overland Park.

A Welcome from Scott

New Clients

Please Contact Me by Telephone to Book an Appointment

For clients who have already spoken with me on the telephone and booked an appointment, before your first counseling session you will need to complete an informed consent and intake survey.  In order to become more environmentally friendly I have created an online intake form.  Depending on how fast you type, this should take no longer than 10-20 minutes to complete.  If you are unable to complete the online intake you are also welcome to complete physical paperwork.  Those forms can be downloaded from the INTAKE AND FORMS tab in the navigation on the left.

Anyone participating in the therapy session should complete this link:


Each additional member who is part of your counseling session should complete the same link above.

Know Your HIPAA Patient Privacy Rights

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Healthcare providers are required to handle your Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) in an ethical and fair manner.  You can learn more about your specific rights at this link:

HIPAA Patient Privacy Rights

What to Expect During Your First Counseling Session

Please note that each session begins at the top of the hour (unless otherwise noted) and runs a duration of 45 minutes.  I am careful about respecting your time and seldom start our session late.  Therefore be sure to arrive on time, as a late arrival only takes away time from your session time.  I know that for many the first session might seem intimidating.  After all, here you are in a new place expected to share your most difficult and private thoughts or feelings with someone you hardly know.  Let me assure you that my approach to counseling is relaxed and low-pressure.  Part of the first session is not only sharing your story, but also building a trusting relationship with me.  You will not be expected to share anything that you are not comfortable with during our first session.  You also do not have to worry about coming up with an agenda, as I will be happy to ask questions that will facilitate my getting to know you better.  Typically during the first session you have the opportunity to share some of your story about why you are seeking professional assistance.  This process is most effective when you come in with a positive attitude, an openness towards potential change, and the willingness to actively participate in your own therapy.  To supplement your therapy session you also have the option to engage in homework through a variety of worksheets and articles that can help you practice a new skill, become aware of specific thoughts or feelings, or learn about a topic that is pertinent to your situation.

Manage Your Expectations, But Expect the Best

Believe it or not your attitude towards counseling and the therapeutic process is a significant factor in treatment outcome.  My process is not mystical, nor do I profess to have greater wisdom than the next guy.  Instead, try to view my role as a facilitator or life coach who assists you in your own process towards making change. 

My Role as Your Counselor and Life Coach

There are some significant benefits of seeking the assistance of a licensed clinical professional counselor rather than an unlicensed coach or friend.  My clinical counseling philosophy is based on compassion and therefore my roles as your counselor include:

> I will listen with genuine concern, yet not judge you or attempt to sway you in one direction or the other

> I am outside of your world and therefore may be able to provide some new suggestions or offer a new perspective on your situation

> I will witness your struggles and validate the legitimacy of your concerns

> I will help you recognize unhealthy behavior or long-standing patterns

> I will offer specific expertise on ways to better handle stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges

> I will help you develop deeper insight in to your own struggles by reframing or reflecting your thoughts, behaviors, or feelings

> I will support you and advocate for your well-being, while giving you the dignity and respect that you deserve

> I am someone you can trust and count on when others may be tired of hearing about your problems

> I will keep you accountable to your progress by helping you set and attain realistic therapeutic goals

My Limitations as Your Counselor

Some of the roles of a counselor may be different than a friend in terms of professional boundaries.  I try to answer my phone whenever I am able to.  However, while I try to return your voice message, text, or email on the same weekday, I am not available for 24 hour assistance and may not be able to respond to you until the following business day.  If you are experiencing a crisis and need immediate help you should call 911 or take yourself to the nearest emergency room for a psychiatric evaluation.  During the weekend I usually return phone calls on the next business day.  After hours during the week I may not be available to return your call, text, or email until the following day. 

Out of respect for my other clients I am seldom able to extend our counseling session beyond 45 minutes, but am happy to book a double session or last minute session when needed.  Like any other professional service, I will charge you for a late cancellation or no show.  I am happy to offer consultation outside of the session.  However, keep in mind that any communication that exceeds 10 minutes may be billed as a full counseling session. 

I am legally and ethically bound to keep everything we discuss secret except those instances pointed out in your informed consent.  However you are not legally bound to keep anything we discuss secret.  Therefore it is at my discretion as to whether or not I will share personal information when asked.  When it comes to texting and emailing, I ask that you reserve this type of communication only for discussing appointment and scheduling questions and not for anything related to your counseling.  While I try to check my email and texts regularly, if you have an urgent concern, last minute cancellation, or need to talk specifically about a problem, you are welcome to leave a voice message via telephone.  Also keep in mind that email and other forms of electronic communication are not considered HIPAA compliant and are not considered confidential forms of communication.  Therefore you should refrain from including any sensitive information to avoid a breach of your confidentiality.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions, I am only a phone call, text, or email away.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.



individual, couples, adolescent, & online counseling

I want to welcome you to my private practice.  I offer individual counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, adolescent counseling, and group counseling in the Kansas City area.  My office is located near Leawood on Ward Parkway in a safe and disability-friendly environment.  There is plenty of off-street parking, as well as disability parking, and elevator service.  When you come into the waiting room make yourself comfortable and feel free to make yourself some tea or other refreshment.  I will come get you when it is time for your appointment.